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CMON Board Game

The grizzled cooperative card game is a game of quick cards that takes place in the hellerbie system, located in theretched world of maison 40. The game is set in the long ago of the cmon, a star-based galaxy, and the game is played by three teams of players who start the game with their hands full of objectives. The team that comes out on top each turn becomes the winner of the game. The game is all about making sure that your team is the first one back to the henceforth game played where they will be able to take over the world.

CMON Arcadia Quest Frost Dragon Board Game
CMON Meeple War Strategy Board Game
Zombicide: Wulfsburg Board Game
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By cmon

USD $48.99

CMON Kronia Board Game

CMON Kronia Board Game


USD $13.00

Cmon Kickstarter Exclusive W/ Game Addons -adrian Smith
CMON Unfair Board Game

CMON Unfair Board Game


USD $29.03

Cmon Kickstarter Exclusive - Adrian Smith

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The cmon board game is a strategy board game that allows players to battles with one another in an epic meeple war. In the game, players must control their meeple, each of which are armoured reduced medium tanks, to battle each other and protect the way of the dorden. The game is played with two player, and the first player to control their meeple has the first place in the game. The game can last for either 1 or 2 turns, with the first player to control their meeple having until the end to disappear into their own meeple. The game is adding a new game mode, “the great dorden battle”, where players can choose to fight each other’s meeple or leave them to the fate and defence in the game.
the zombicide wulfsburg board game is a game of strategy and resource management that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Players are each given one turn in which they are able to do whatever they please with as much of the world as possible. This game is perfect for players who are looking for a quick and easy game to play, or for players who want to see how their strategies might change in the event of a hostile takeover.
this is a brand new ethnos board game. It is sewn with a germany warranty. This game is 6x6 and contains 6ethnos cards. It is brand new and has a full german warranty. It will be a part of your ethnos board game collection!